With the huge growth in eCommerce over the past few years, especially since Covid-19 and the following lock-downs, CPAS is a term that’s become frequently used in our daily conversations, and a strategy that nearly all eCommerce sellers have started to use.

What does CPAS stand for?

CPAS stands for “Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution” and it enables advertisers to integrate their advertising accounts (such as Google and Facebook) with their marketplace shops (such as Shopee and Lazada).

Who can use CPAS?

For smaller individual advertisers, setting up a CPAS account with Shopee or Lazada may be difficult as the level of support and direction may be hard to come by. At Phoenix Media, we are a registered Shopee and Lazada advertising partners, which enables us to set up new CPAS accounts in 24 hours.

Why use CPAS?

Market place platforms such as Lazada and Shopee will have an allocated budget for their sellers when the demand is there, through Shopping Listings or Dynamic Ads based on product views. However, this budget will be limited, and for products where the competition is high, you may find your product being at the bottom of the (marketing) list. CPAS allows you to control your own marketing campaign but using your product list from your own marketplace shop.

Example product feed ad using a Lazada CPAS account

How does it work?

As with Google Shopping Ads, the CPAS account uses your stores product feed to create the Ad content, which is then linked to your digital marketing account. It allows access to your specific product feed, without actually giving direct access to it. If you think of how many products are listed in Shopee’s product feed in total, CPAS allows you access to yours (and yours only) stores product feed.

Google Shopping also requires a product feed

Can you use it alongside other Ads?

CPAS works best as part of a full funnel strategy, as the standard campaign is only conversion (product sale) based, you may find it beneficial to run some campaigns targeting the top funnel areas, along with in-platform ads, such as Shopee’s MyAds.

How does CPAS perform?

Part of the CPAS setup allows for UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) tagging which in turn allows you to track the performance of each Ad campaign / Audience and Ad creative. This is great as it’s like you’ll start to see the CPAS campaign perform extremely well. At Phoenix Media, we’ve run a number of tests on CPAS accounts Vs official websites, and the CPAS always comes out on top.

Marketplace platforms can increase your ROI 100x

If you’re looking for some help setting up a CPAS account, or for help with your eCommerce store in general, get in touch with one of the team at Phoenix Media. We take a custom approach to each new client, based on a wealth of digital marketing experience in Thailand and globally.

  • Published on : Tuesday July 6, 2021

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