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Standout from the competition with a beautiful and functional website, designed and built with the latest technology here in Thailand.

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The importance of a well designed website.


Your website or landing page serves as your shopfront and sales counter. It has a huge impact on your marketing campaigns and provides many customers with their first impressions of your business.

A good website will keep visitors engaged and convey information on products and services in an effective way. If you’re in Thailand, and looking for a web design company, our services range from basic amendments and improvements to fully customised WordPress websites and development.

Why use WordPress for your Website?

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the World, which means developers, like us, are fairly easy to come by. One of the main advantages of WordPress is that anyone, without the knowledge of coding and with a little training can make basic changes themselves.

Flexible. Whether you need a Blog, eCommerce, Business, or Directory, WordPress can be tailored to suit every type of website. WordPress also supports over 50 languages, so no problem if your in-house team feel more comfortable using their native language.

Customizable. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available as you start to develop and customise your website without having to pay to develop something from scratch. Whether it’s a Calendar, eCommerce feature or a simple contact form, WordPress connects you with an endless supply of Plugins to continuously improve your website.


Easy to manage and Secure. WordPress will automatically notify you when newer versions are available which can be updated with the click of a button. Security is excellent as standard, and there are plenty of options available should you wish to enhance your security.

SEO Friendly. If you’re visiting our website, then you’re more than likely in need of Digital Marketing Services. WordPress is a great platform to optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) whether if it’s a new project, or redesign of an existing site, we’ll make sure it complies with all of Google’s guidelines.

The process of Website Design and Development in Bangkok over the last 10 years has changed dramatically. There are many options available, as with most services you end up getting what you pay for. At Phoenix Media our pricing remains modest, with Custom Landing Page designs available from 15,000 THB and full websites starting at only 60,000 THB.


As more businesses move their focus online, websites are now more important than ever. We recommend updating your website design every 3 to 4 years as trends and technologies evolve.

Website Design and Website Development, what’s the difference? .

The main difference between design and development is the skillset. You may find a designer who can do some basic development work, or a developer who can do some design work. But usually, the roles are kept separate.

Designs for websites are usually made on specific design applications such as Photoshop, Sketch or Figma. The initial stage of any design process will usually involve a design meeting where the designer will run through a series of questions to get a feel for how the client wants the designs to look. Draft designs will follow, along with a series of revisions before the final designs are signed off.

Development is where the website starts to be built. Usually on development or test domain, the developer will take the final designs (or in some cases an example page or website) and build them onto the website platform. Usually both design and development stages will have separate versions for Desktop and Mobile.

Why use Phoenix Media as your web design company in Bangkok?.

There are many options for getting a website designed in Thailand; at Phoenix Media we believe we have the best combination of experience and price to offer any small or large business on the website venture. Some of the points include:
  • icon Price Competitive

    Our pricing for websites remains modest, with lower cost options for those who do not need a fully custom designed package.

  • icon Thai & British Designers

    At Phoenix Media we employ both Thai and European designers, so depending on your style and target audience, we’ve got you covered.

  • icon Custom Coding

    If you require a specific feature on your website that is not available through a plugin, our senior developers can custom code it for you.

  • icon Ongoing Support

    Once a new site is launched, we can offer expert hosting and website support in English and Thai to help with any updates or problem solving.

  • icon 100% in-house

    All of the work we do at Phoenix Media is done by our in-house team of designers and developers. We’ll always be transparent if we need to partner with any external companies (such as video production or animation) for your project.

  • icon SEO Ready

    SEO Services are a large part of what we do, we can advise on the site structure and content to best help with your SEO performance.


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