Our SEO clients.

White-hat, content driven SEO is a key part of any long term marketing strategy.

  • 83%

    Increase in organic search traffic within 6 months

  • 145%

    Increase in organic traffic within 6 months compared to the previous year

  • Top 3

    For the main generic target keywords within 6 months

  • 300%

    Increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year


How does SEO work?.


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a web page ranking in the ‘Free’ or ‘Organic’ section of a search engine results page.

Unlike with Paid advertising, there are no costs associated with traffic that come through the Organic section of search results.

Our approach to SEO Services in Thailand is tailored to each campaign depending on the target keywords and websites position and history. Although it can seem complex, the basic, fundamental rules of Search Engines like Google have never changed. We breakdown our approach to SEO into two key factors;


One of the key factors in determining the position of webpage is the domain and page authority. When hundreds of web pages are deemed relevant for the same keywords, usually the sites with the highest Authority will rank on top.


The first rule of ranking in Google is making sure your website contains relevant content which is unique to you and easy to find by Google’s web crawlers.


SEO is not just about increasing ranking positions, it’s ensuring the traffic being generated is good quality and driving conversions. As with our Paid Media campaigns the first stage of our SEO services starts with a consultation.

Step-by-step SEO results with Phoenix Media.

  • Consultation

    We discuss your business and get a profile of your customers. We carry out in-depth keyword research and set some short term KPIs.

  • Basic Audit

    Before we put forward our strategy and quotation we will carry out a basic audit that will identify any potential problems before we commence work. We will discuss this report with you and use it as a base for our initial strategy.

  • Audit & Implementation

    We’ll begin work with a full website audit, map out the relevant keywords and landing pages, and implement recommendations based on Google’s best practise guidelines.

  • Authority Building

    Through high quality content and sourcing relevant backlinks, after the initial stage of the campaign the majority of focus will be on building your Brand and Authority.

Why choose Phoenix Media as your SEO Company in Bangkok?.

Over the recent years we’ve seen a huge influx of companies in Bangkok now offering SEO Services, so the choice for businesses who have decided to give their website a boost will have a hard choice in deciding which is the best SEO company to work with.
At Phoenix Media we have been in the SEO industry since 2011, helping businesses across the UK, Australia and Thailand, we believe our SEO consultants are the best in the business and each campaign is structured based on adequate research and analysis. If you’re currently looking to partner with an SEO agency, here are some points to consider.
  • icon Avoid Packages

    As no two SEO campaigns are the same ‘one package fits all approach’ doesn’t really work for SEO, at Phoenix Media we will perform an audit of your website and the SERP’s before recommending a custom strategy.

  • icon Proof is in the Pudding

    SEO can be very difficult in certain industry, none more so than the SEO industry itself. Before choosing an SEO Agency, make sure they are able to rank their own website first.

  • icon Go local

    Although 95% of business are wanting to rank in Google, the work and resources (such as content and links) required for ranking in different regions is different. Therefor if you’re looking to rank organically in Thailand you should use a local company.

  • icon Content is Key

    Before there are clients, there are prospects. When talking to prospects it’s important we set realistic expectations about their campaign and what performance they should expect.

  • icon Cheap Vs Quality

    As with any service you usually end up getting what you paid for and good quality SEO is never cheap. If you don’t quite have the budget for SEO, check out our SEO Guide and see what you can do internally.

  • icon Importance of Keywords

    Before any work commences, full keyword research needs to be done. As with translation, KW research should be localized and formulated into a long-term plan.


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