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    Search Advertising is more commonly referred to as Google Ads / Google AdWords, or Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), the latter being more of a bidding strategy rather than a form of advertising. Search advertising is great for targeting customers at the exact time they are looking for your product or service. With Google AdWords in Thailand, you only pay when someone clicks through to your website or clicks an Ad extension such as a phone call or sitelink. There are many factors which will determine the effectiveness of a Search Campaign, for existing advertisers our AdWords Management team will review your account and determine if it’s necessary or not to rebuild the campaign, as the historic data of a campaign can affect its performance sometimes it is beneficial to start over if the campaign has performed poorly in the past.


    Using the correct keywords is pretty obvious, however we also consider what ‘Match Type’ each keyword should come under. The four different match types are;

    Broad Match

    This is the default match type, and will show your ad to a Broad section of searches including misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations.

    Broad Match Modifier

    Use this match type will ensure your Ad shows only when all the terms in your search or close variation of your keywords are used in any order including misspellings, singular and plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “floor” and “flooring”),

    Phrase Match

    Google will show your Ad if there are one or two words before or after your chosen keyword(s), but your Ad won’t show if another word has been added in the middle eg; “red leather tennis shoes”, “buy tennis shoes on sale”, “red tennis shoes”

    Exact Match

    These terms will only trigger your Ad if someone searches the exact term or close variation that doesn’t change the meaning eg: “hotel asoke”, “asoke hotel”.

    Negative Match

    If you’re currently engaging a company for your Google AdWords Management, each day they should be reviewing your search terms and adding all non-relevant terms to the Negative List. The terms in the Negative List will ensure you Ad does not show when included in a search query.


    What locations do you want to include and exclude? Depending on your service area we can choose who will see our Ads when performing a search. For example, if we are advertising a Gym based in Silom, we may choose to target broad terms to people in a 10km Radius looking for ‘Gyms’ or ‘Fitness’, but then also target the whole of Bangkok for searches like ‘Gyms in Silom’.

    Extensions and Formats

    There are many different Ad Extensions and Formats we can use to make your Ad stand out. What’s more Google loves it when advertisers make use of their products so using these features can lead to an overall better Ad Rank.

    Bidding Strategy

    The most widely known bidding strategy in Google AdWords is CPC (Cost Per Click), however there are many other ways in which we can choose to bid depending on the objective of the campaign. For example, we may use a Target CPA strategy if our objective is to achieve the highest number of conversions with a given target cost per conversion.

    We have been working with Phoenix Media for the past 12 months, we are very happy with the performance and service from Rob and the team. 24 hours support in everthing. Thank you so much for your help.

    Sara – Marketing Manager
    First Fertility

    Transparency is key in digital marketing, and Phoenix is all about opening up and showing you exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They take ownership of your project as if it was theirs. Highly recommended.

    Rob – Founder English Gang

    I have been working with Rob and the team at Phoenix Media for my new E-Commerce business, their support and technical knowledge is excellent.

    Tom – Director

    I’ve worked with Phoenix media to promote Jamie’s Italian restaurant for over a year and always had really helpful and constructive service and results. Would highly recommend

    Sarah – General Manager Jamie’s Italian

    Seriously the best in bkk and more notably all of SE Asia….they are professional, timely, cost efficient and they get result….10 stars, i couldn’t be happier.

    Kairon – Founder
    Dynasty Goddess

    Big thanks to the team ; Khun Fern and Khun Kae for your great support and responsiveness. We do appreciate your excellent service, and surely will spread the words through the network.

    Soonie – Founder
    Black Rice Travel

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