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Reach both broad and custom audiences across all LINE premium inventories.

  • ฿5

    CPC through broad and custom audience with LINE Ads

  • ฿40

    Per new LINE Friend addition

  • ฿10

    CPM for App Download Campaign

  • ฿20

    CPM for remarketing to custom audiences


How we leverage the power of LINE ads.


Reaching out to our target audience is one of the biggest challenges that all marketers and businesses face. Knowing who they are is one thing, but interacting within them is an entirely different challenge. Thanks to the growth of social media and the vast array of available tools to us, this is becoming easier. However, choosing the right medium and knowing how to use it for your business effectively is where the real skill lies.


While most people are aware of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, one means which is highly effective, but often goes unnoticed is the social media and messaging app LINE. Incredibly, LINE has approximately 45 million active users here in Thailand and is now the most popular messaging app of its kind in the Kingdom. As such, it would be foolish not to at least investigate its potential further and assess how it could benefit your business. Indeed, it is now one of the social media platforms we are proactively promoting at Phoenix Media.

Currently, the app offers three different forms of ad which are visible at the top of the chat page, on the timeline and in LINE today. Utilised effectively, it gives you the opportunity to reach out to your target audience in a way that may get overlooked if a similar ad had been placed on Facebook, Instagram or even Google. The potential for these types of ad is enormous; they help to massively increase your brand awareness, build a solid customer base and boost your bottom line. We will help you to achieve your goals with targeted campaigns based around reach and frequency.

How do you target your relevant audience?


Like many other social media platforms, you can target your LINE ads using key demographics; by age, region, gender and interests. As with Facebook, you can choose to reach out to a wider audience, but this is more expensive. Targeting smaller niches and aiming directly for the people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service is often favoured more than a scattergun approach.


Most LINE users will know that a standard feature on the app is stickers which are often sponsored by businesses. It is possible to design your own stickers and either sell them or give them away free in exchange for users following your brand. It is a simple and innovative way of increasing brand awareness in a non-aggressive, fun manner. Indeed, giving stickers away has been proven to be very successful for different businesses operating across various sectors.

Exclusive offers for followers

For decades, businesses have used exclusive offers and promotions as a way of promoting their business. Discounts and offering something for free, perhaps as a trial are a great way to gain and reward followers. As with stickers, you build up brand awareness in a similar manner to sending offers of subscriber newsletters or emails. It has been proven to be a successful, non-intrusive way of generating new leads.

Where do you begin?


When you start any new marketing campaign or promotion, you should have a plan of action before starting. What is your objective, who are you going to target, and how will you monitor the results? These are all questions that you should ask yourself when you are devising your strategy. Once you have this, you can then begin your campaign. Still, as this form of advertising has only recently started to grow in popularity, not many people are familiar with how to put their plan into action.

How we can help you

At Phoenix Media, we are continually researching the best way to get results for our clients. We evaluate all new innovative ideas as well as devising our own strategies. We are actively promoting LINE as an effective method of driving more traffic to your website as well as giving you all the tools that you need to increase conversions. Our tried and test strategy for advertising on the LINE app has brought incredible success for many of our clients.

Unlike many apps, LINE is largely unexplored territory for many marketing agencies, but we have spent time and effort tweaking and adjusting our strategy until we were entirely satisfied. We are firm advocates of using analytics and referring to data to monitor the results. Knowing conversation rates and bounce rate are crucial stats when it comes to tweaking strategies and making your campaign successful. Let Phoenix Media transform your LINE marketing strategy today.

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We have been working with Phoenix Media for the past 12 months, we are very happy with the performance and service from Rob and the team. 24 hours support in everthing. Thank you so much for your help.

We have been working with Phoenix Media for the past 12 m...

Sara – Marketing Manager
First Fertility

Transparency is key in digital marketing, and Phoenix is all about opening up and showing you exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They take ownership of your project as if it was theirs. Highly recommended.

Transparency is key in digital marketing, and Phoenix is ...

Founder English Gang

I have been working with Rob and the team at Phoenix Media for my new E-Commerce business, their support and technical knowledge is excellent.

I have been working with Rob and the team at Phoenix Medi...

Director Zelodo

I’ve worked with Phoenix media to promote Jamie’s Italian restaurant for over a year and always had really helpful and constructive service and results. Would highly recommend

I’ve worked with Phoenix media to promote Jamie’s Ita...

– General Manager Jamie’s Italian

Seriously the best in bkk and more notably all of SE Asia….they are professional, timely, cost efficient and they get result….10 stars, i couldn’t be happier.

Seriously the best in bkk and more notably all of SE Asia...

– Founder Dynasty Goddess

Big thanks to the team ; Khun Fern and Khun Kae for your great support and responsiveness. We do appreciate your excellent service, and surely will spread the words through the network.

Big thanks to the team ; Khun Fern and Khun Kae for your ...

– Founder Black Rice Travel


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