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Google Shopping Ads in Thailand represent a relatively new way for eCommerce stores to advertise online. The format of a Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads (PLAs), is similar to eBay or Amazon in the way it displays the results, which includes the product picture, price and description on the search results page.

Google Shopping allows advertisers to benefit from Cost Per Click (CPC) Bidding, as opposed to losing a share of sales revenue as with stores like eBay and other marketplaces.

Unlike a standard Google Search campaign there are no target keywords or text ads, instead Google Shopping ads are triggered when a search query matches a Product Category, Title or Description, the Ad is created dynamically using the information from the Product Feed.

eCommerce tracking is essential as it provides data on the number and value of sales generated by the Shopping campaign, allowing advertisers to see the exact return on investment and profits from their shopping campaign.

The three main components of a Google Shopping campaign are;

Product Feed

This can often be the most difficult and time consuming part of the campaign and largely depends on the type of eCommerce platform being used. The XML Product Feed is the main source of information that Google uses to display your products, this feed is constantly updated so each time a change is made to the product inventory on the website, it is reflected in the Shopping Campaign.  

Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center is an online dashboard that allows advertisers to integrate their store and product information to campaigns like Google Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing. The Diagnostics section of the Merchant Center will show which products are Active, Expired, Pending or Disapproved. Only products which have been approved and are ‘Active’ will show on Google Shopping.

Google Ads Account

If you are not already advertising on Google then you’ll need a Google Ads Account. As with standard Google Search and Display campaigns this is where you can setup your Product Groups, Bid Strategy and other campaign settings. As with most Google campaigns the success and effectiveness will depend on how well it has been setup and optimized.

If you operate an eCommerce business or are looking to start selling products online, then Google Shopping should be vital part of your online sales strategy.

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Brands We've Worked With

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