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Leverage the power of Facebook with eye catching creatives and a strategic campaign approach.

  • ฿0.34

    Per app install via Facebook Ad Networks

  • ฿411

    Per new customer lead form on Facebook

  • ฿500

    Per B2B lead using a custom landing page and Facebook Ads

  • ฿45

    Per lead form on Facebook and Instagram Ads


The importance of Facebook Advertising and how it works.


For the past few years, Bangkok has remained the city with the most active Facebook users on the planet (approx 30M), with Thailand generally featuring in the top 10 on the country list.

Therefore it’s safe to say, Facebook Marketing should be high on your list of Digital Marketing priorities.  Ads on Instagram (IG) are also managed through the Facebook Business Manager, a platform used to easily manage multiple Ad Accounts and Pages.

Before jumping into Facebook Ads, it’s important to understand your marketing funnel and plan your campaign structure accordingly. Facebook advertising campaigns are organised by the type of objective, which follows the basic customer journey.


At the top of the funnel is always Awareness. These campaign types are designed for you to reach the maximum amount of people within your target audience. Perfect for promoting a new brand or product.



Consideration objectives are there to encourage your audience to take some sort of action. Whether that’s sending a message, filling in a form or engaging in a post, the campaigns in the consideration stage allow customers to make some initial contact and to build audiences for later stages in the funnel.


Conversion campaigns are used when you have a specific action on your website or app that you want people to take. This could be completing a form, clicking a specific button or completing a purchase. Facebook will have some ‘standard events’ automatically set, however, depending on how your website is programmed, these may not always be reliable, so custom conversions may need to be created.

Audiences and Creatives

An important part of a successful Facebook ad campaign is the process of continually testing new audiences and creatives. For each campaign, we build multiple ‘personas’ made up using different interest and behaviours.

For ad creatives, we create custom banners and video along with dynamic creatives for data feed campaigns. In Facebook advertising its important to match the ad creative and message to the target audience.


As with all data-driven campaigns, the ability to measure results and interpret data is important for optimisation. Our scheduled reporting pulls data directly from your ad account, along with a variety of automation tools to ensure the campaign is tracked effectively.


Facebook Ads are a vital part of most digital marketing campaigns we manage. As with most campaigns, it’s important to understand your target audience and have a suitable message that will resonate with them.

Why choose Phoenix Media as your Facebook Ads Agency?.

Facebook Advertising has quickly become the leading platform for most marketing agencies in Thailand. With a reach of over 50 million active users it has the advantage over less popular channels for most branding and performance driven campaigns.
At Phoenix Media we are a registered Facebook Marketing Partner with Facebook Ads being a prominent part of most of our marketing campaigns. There are lots of options available in Thailand when choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency, here are some points we think are worth considering;
  • icon Transparency

    We believe transparency is key in Facebook marketing, in the initial campaign strategy as well as ongoing optimisation. As most campaigns will inevitably experience some hurdles to overcome, its important the client is made aware.

  • icon Qualified

    Its important our team remains qualified to assist in Facebook advertising services, we regularly the necessary exams in Facebook Blueprint and are a registered Facebook Marketing Partner.

  • icon Unlimited Creatives

    We understand the importance of getting the creative just right, so we’ll not only create completely custom ad designs, there’s no limited on the number of design variations or revisions.

  • icon Experience

    Having an experience as a Facebook marketing company is crucial to performance. Understanding both local and international markets as well as a variety of industries gives us the advantage when creating media plans and marketing strategies.


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