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Data Analysis & Conversion Tracking

A conversion occurs when a website visitor completes a meaningful action, this could be submitting a contact form, making a purchase or even making a phone call. By tracking these conversions, we are able to understand what’s working in your campaign and what isn’t.

Depending on your business and campaign objectives, some of the conversions we can track are:

Form Submissions

Contact Us & Enquiry forms are common ways for customers to request more information and is usually the first step in becoming a customer. Tracking these actions will help understand our cost per acquisition (CPA).

Sign up Forms

Signing up to newsletters, memberships, requesting further information is another a ‘meaningful action’, and one that should be tracked. Although it may not result in a direct purchase we can use this data to identify an interested audience.

eCommerce Sales

In most cases we are now able to import real transaction values into our advertising campaign, this information is vital to show the return on marketing spend and breakdown the cost per sale.

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Phone Calls

In Thailand Google do not currently offer their in-house call tracking service, however we understand conversions from phone calls are important and have partnered with a local specialist who can track and also record any incoming calls generated from our campaign.

Button Clicks / Downloads

Using tools like Google Tag Manager, we are able to track various on-page actions. This is helpful to track actions that may lead the customer away from your website, for example third party booking engines.

Offline Conversions

In instances where sales aren’t made directly through the website, we can measure the value of the enquiries generated by importing offline conversion data. We can then use this data to optimise your campaign and increase ROI.

Conversions through Facebook

We can track conversions through Facebook campaigns using the Facebook Pixel. We can calculate your return on investment by assigning a value to these conversions and also import this data back into your campaign and optimise ads show to customers who are most likely to convert.

Conversion Tracking and Data Analysis is often the key to a successful Digital Marketing campaign; it forms the basis of most decisions made in both campaign and landing page optimisation. By making smarter, data driven decisions we are able to ensure your digital campaign continues to improve.

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Brands We've Worked With

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