For anyone who’s new to social media, the options available and what they offer to users can be confusing and overwhelming. Twitter might be one of the most confusing for new users due to its succinct requirements for communicating and the unique culture of its user base.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site where users will share quick thoughts, ideas, opinions, or announcements. These brief posts are referred to as “tweets.” Posters can also share photos, videos, and links in their brief posts. Twitter is free to use and can be accessed via its website or app.

Example Twitter Feed
Twitter has a limit of 280 characters per post

Some have likened Twitter to being a bit like instant messaging (IM). But while IMs go away when the user closes the app, tweets that are posted don’t disappear and can be seen by just about anyone unless the account is private. If you have a specific, narrow audience, you have the option to allow only your followers to read your tweets.

How Popular is Twitter in Thailand?

As of early 2022, an estimated 11.45 million users on Twitter were located in Thailand. That equates to about 16.4% of Thailand’s entire population who were counted as having accounts on Twitter.

While Twitter isn’t the most popular social media network in the world, its certainly a growing platform, especially amongst the population which follow happenings outside of Thailand. Twitter users have remained at about three hundred million worldwide for some time now and about 40% of the users are active in posting, sharing, and replying to other accounts.

The rise in the popularity of Twitter in Thailand has been credited to the political unrest in the country in recent years. Twitter became the best place to post information about rallies, protests, and more.

How to set up a Twitter page for your business

If you’re new to Twitter and looking to get a presence for your business, the first step would be to create a page. Below we have outlined the steps to complete the process (this needs to be done before you can start running any ads.)

1. Create a new account on Twitter https://twitter.com/

Create a new Twitter account

2. Switch the account from a Personal to a business page by choosing the ‘Twitter for Professionals’ option in the “More” menu.

Twitter for Professionals

3. Here choose Business, unless you are setting up a page for a Public Figure or Influencer

Select account type on Twitter

4. Complete the relevant information for the business profile.

Business Profile information Twitter

Do Twitter Ads Work?

When compared to other social media sites and their advertising, Ads on Twitter can achieve much higher CTR’s and therefor improved conversion rates, however, its also likely the CPM will be higher than platforms like Facebook ads, so as with every network there will be pro’s and con’s to each channel and metric.

Example Twitter Ad
Ads on Twitter show the ‘Promoted’ text at the bottom of the Ad.

Twitter Advertising Made Easy

Advertisers using Twitter have made it the go-to site throughout recent years for the results they are looking for. As such, Twitter has made starting your ad campaign on the site relatively easy.

The first step should always be to decide on your campaign. Even if you think that your idea for your ad is wide-ranging, Twitter has different kinds of campaigns for you to choose from so you can decide what best suits your needs.

Twitter ad campaigns
Similar to other networks, the 1st step is to choose which type of campaign you want to run.

The majority of ads on Twitter have the main goal of engaging with followers so that they ultimately become paying customers. The way that happens to get and engage with “followers” for your business. Ad posts will indicate that it is an ad for the company by including “promoted by” whatever your business account name is. This way of advertising on Twitter is great for newer businesses looking to find like-minded followers who will eventually become customers.

Another way businesses can use Twitter for advertising is to drive targeted customers to click through the ad to visit the company’s website. With this method, the advertiser can specify the demographic that they want to see these tweets. You’ve probably seen these types of ads on various sites when they feature a “learn more” button, prompting action on the part of the consumer.


Depending on your social media preference for sales and marketing, it’s worth taking a look at Twitter and the options that they have for creating advertisements. As more and more advertisers move online and saturate popular channels like Facebook and LINE Ads, Twitter might be a good option to separate yourself from competitors.

If you’re looking for some help with Ads on Twitter or Digital Marketing services in general, speak to one of the team at Phoenix Media today for a free consultation.

  • Published on : Thursday July 21, 2022
  • Last updated : Monday July 25, 2022

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