LINE Voom is a short-form video platform found on the LINE application. It is the successor to the LINE Timeline that allows users to post a variety of videos. It is a fun-themed video-focused platform where users can react to videos, leave comments, and share them with other LINE users. Unlike its predecessor which was marketed as a chat application, Voom is more social media oriented, drawing on the best features and functions of other top video-based platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Line Voom
Videos on LINE Voom are short and entertaining.

Video content continues to grow in popularity with over 3 billion online users downloading or streaming video at least once a month in 2020. Not only is this format a rich source of entertainment for online users, it can also help increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. Marketers have managed to not only generate more leads by incorporating video in their marketing plans, but also help their target market gain a better understanding of the products and services they offer. It has become an essential marketing tool that all businesses need to find new ways of exploiting.

LINE Voom offers a new opportunity for marketers to get their content in front of their target audience. Here is how it works.

How LINE Voom Works

You can click through to Voom on your LINE app. Use the triangular-shaped icon that is located where LINE timeline was. This will allow you to choose between two sections:

Voom Post Following              LINE Voom For You

·      For You

This is where you will find video recommendations generated based on your watch history. It is designed to bring out content that is similar to what you have already been enjoying, reacting to and commenting on. The more content you watch, the more data the app has access to in refining its recommendations. You can discover new creators and follow them.

·      Following

This section is where you will find video content posted by accounts you are already following or from friends. It works similarly to how LINE Timeline operated.

Benefits of LINE Voom

There are many video-based platforms to choose from. So, what makes this choice worth trying?

Customised Recommendations

One of the best aspects of Voom is that it enables users to focus on the pursuit of their passions. Here you will find the widest variety of short-form video content, anywhere online. It not just about following the daily life of influencers or viewing marketing content from brands you like. It is an exciting space for delving into all kinds of personal or professional interests. Here you will find an extensive selection of niches to explore, be it stand-up comedy, dance routines, cooking, ASMR, and much more. It also features exclusive content in some categories, including K-Pop.

One-Stop App

Instead of having to keep downloading new apps and adding new icons to your phone screen, you get to simply access Voom under your existing LINE app. LINE offers a wide selection of functionalities including chat, news updates, shopping services, e-wallet, and now, video-based social media content. The LINE app offers a seamless and convenient online experience that has now been expanded to include entertainment that is customised to your taste and that you can share with others. The developers are also intending to connect the content from this service with other LINE services including LINE Music and LINE Manga, making for a more versatile and satisfying experience.

How Marketers Can Get Started on Voom

With short form video content being so popular, marketers cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to grow their customer base. Voom is a platform they should certainly incorporate into their marketing strategy as it offers the potential to connect with LINE’s over 178 million active monthly users, as at 2021. The platform provides a viable means by which to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

Ads on LINE Voom can be images as well as video

To get started, the business will need to create an official account or LINE OA. You can then tap on the LINE Voom icon from which you can start posting and sharing video content. It is an easy and straightforward process you can complete in seconds.

Here are some helpful tips to apply as you start posting and sharing content.

  • Post regularly and respond to comments. Keeping your account active through fresh posts and appropriate responses will help boost the viewership of your content and follower numbers.
  • Keep up with trending topics and videos. This should guide your own content creation, allowing you to more easily connect with your target audience.
  • Have a theme. Avoid confusion surrounding your brand by focusing on content that ties in with what products or services you offer, and your chat channel.
  • Use the right hashtags. This can help drive viewership numbers and expand your reach.
  • Create challenge campaigns and competitions. These are a great way to promote engagement from your audience and encourage them to share details about your channel with others.

If you’re looking for help with LINE Ads or social media in general, reach out to one of the team at Phoenix Media today for a free consultation.

  • Published on : Tuesday October 4, 2022
  • Last updated : Thursday October 6, 2022

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