Evergreen content is a term often used in relation to content marketing and SEO. Much like actual evergreen trees that have a long lifespan without changing their appearance with seasons, evergreen content is content that manages to remain fresh and relevant long after it was published. No matter how long ago it was published, online users still find it valuable and it continues to attract and drive traffic.

Some good examples of evergreen content include how-to tutorials, for example What is SEO?  videos, product reviews, and lists such as “top tens”. While not all content that falls in these categories will indefinitely remain fresh and relevant, they tend to have a longer shelf life. Examples of content that is not evergreen include news articles, content on current fashion trends, statistical reports that will eventually go out of date, and content focused on specific holidays. This type of content typically has an expiration, after which people are no longer interested in reading about it.

Why Include Evergreen Content In Your Marketing Strategy?

Drive traffic

The best SEO content is that which will keep driving online users to your sites and towards your sales funnel. Evergreen content has a better staying power that will continue delivering new prospects to your platforms for longer

Well written blog content can attract a lot of organic traffic

Boost ranking

Content that continues attracting readers, backlinks, and click-throughs will keep being indexed by search engine crawlers and boost the ranking of the site. With a better ranking comes more visibility which can turn into more visitors to your site and more opportunities to convert them into paying customers, subscribers, and more.

Authority can be measured with a variety of tools

Earn authority

Evergreen content is more likely to impress your readers and encourage them to share this with others. It can also attract the attention of other sites that posts similar content and encourage them to build links. The more your followers and links grow, the more of an authority you become in the industry. People will trust your opinion and brand more.

Grow your following

As people come to enjoy your evergreen content, they are likely to take up subscriptions and follow your site and social media handles. This can help build your social media following that you can use to market your own brand and that of affiliates.

Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

1.   Keyword research

Ensure that you use longtail keywords on topics that people are interested in and are searching for.

Longtail keywords feature more words in the query, which are usually easier to rank organically.

This will also help to narrow your topics and allow you to more easily focus the content on specific subjects that attract less competition and are easier to write.

2.   Link to more content

By sticking to narrower topics, you can often lead readers to other relevant content through links. For instance, you can write about how to make an omelette and mention how some people prefer boiled or Spanish eggs and link to other recipes on the same. This will remain relevant to your users and provide more opportunities for search engine crawlers to discover more of your web pages for indexing and ranking.

3.   Keep it simple

Avoid using too technical terms even if you are an expert on the subject. To draw in a wider audience means you need to break down the information as you would when dealing with a novice on the subject.

4.   Repurpose

When you create great evergreen content, look into ways you can re-use it in other formats such as videos or infographics.

  • Published on : Thursday June 30, 2022

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