Any business owner who is looking to grow their customer base, make more sales, and increase income needs to work hard to capitalize on every opportunity that is presented for growth. While some businesses are only interested in traditional methods of bringing in new customers without expanding their focus, they can easily miss large, untapped groups of people. For this reason, it’s important that all business owners be constantly looking for new ways to promote their company and to reach potential clients.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

When a business reaches out to a blogger or influencer to work together to create content that will be used to promote the company, this is blogger outreach, also called blogger relations. Instead of the potential customer feeling like a company is forcing information on them, when the information comes through a trusted blog or blogger it feels more authentic and natural. This is a great way to promote any services or products that you have, or even to push your brand as a whole, without it coming across aggressive or unnatural. By having a blogger reach out to trusted readers, you can gain credibility in a more organic way.

Why Use Blogger Outreach?

If you want to reach more potential clients, are introducing a new line of products, or are just looking to generally grow your company, then promoting content through existing blogging networks is a great way to ensure that people learn about you and what you are doing. Instead of spending time and money researching a campaign, developing it, and implementing it, you can easily pair up with a trusted blogger and enjoy a much faster return on your investment. You’ll see amazing results from your campaign without all of the frustration and lost time that are so common with new outreach strategies.

Does it help my SEO Performance?

In a word, yes! Google see’s referral traffic as a positive sign, so as long as your content is credible and the blogging sites get real traffic you should benefit from publishing good content. You can create a link back to the author (you) as an ‘editorial link’ or if allowed you can embed the link in a keyword anchor that appears naturally in the content. The effect on your organic SEO performance will depend on the authority of the bloggings sites and frequency of the content being published. Content or Link Outreach is widely seen as the most natural or white-hat approach to link building.

Example Blogging Site (DA 30+)

Example Blog

Contextual Link Anchor

Different Approaches Matter

When you pair up with a quality blogger, that person will offer a number of different ways that they can help you reach your audience. From brand ambassadors to sponsored posts, co-branded projects, and even podcast sponsorships, there are many opportunities to get your company in front of a large audience.

If you’re looking for different ways to introduce your products and services in a more natural way, along with the benefits of improving your website’s organic ranking performance then teaming up with an already established blogger or influencer could be the answer. For examples and further information including pricing call 02 038 5400 or email




  • Published on : Monday February 19, 2018
  • Last updated : Monday July 11, 2022

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