What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are online advertisements targeted at Facebook users. They appear within or alongside users’ Facebook newsfeeds on their mobile devices or desktops. You can configure your target audience in a variety of ways including based on location, age, interests, life events, and language.

By allowing for the creation of data-centric custom audiences, Facebook ads enable businesses to run more effective digital marketing campaigns with a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). This advertising facilitates the generation of more new leads and opportunities for conversion. It also encourages more interaction through such social engagement as adding reactions, sharing, and commenting on the ads.

What are Facebook Lead Form Campaigns?

Lead generation campaigns are designed to capitalise on interest in a business’s product or service by making it easy for audiences to connect with advertisers. Facebook lead ads work by providing the platform’s users with a lead form they can easily fill out with their contact details.

By just simply tapping on an ad, a user will instantly be presented with a short form with already pre-filled contact information drawn from their profile. These pre-filled forms offer a convenient means by which to secure leads using mobile devices. They can be customised and optimised in a variety of ways to meet varying marketing objectives.

With just a few clicks to complete any missing information and without having to leave the app, the form can be submitted, providing the advertiser with new qualified leads they can pursue till the sale is made. On the contrary, other types of campaigns, for example a conversion campaign where the quality may slightly be higher comparing to Lead Generation campaign, may also have a higher CPA. The leads can also be easily synched with your business’s CRM, allowing your sales team to proceed with drawing the client further into the sales funnel/save time.

Example of a Facebook Lead Form
Example of a Facebook Lead Form

How do Facebook lead form ads work?

Online users are often hesitant to complete online forms with their personal and contact information. Facebook Lead Forms help to overcome this by automatically generating pre-filled forms that streamline the signup process. They appear to users once they click on a Lead Ad that appears on their newsfeed and opens a form with the Facebook App (without making users leave Facebook).

FB AD to Form
A big advantage of Lead Forms Ads is they open within the App

How do I download lead forms on Facebook?

There are 2 ways to download the forms, both ways have their pros and cons.

  1. Download from the campaign

Pro – can select which ad the form is from.

Cons – you have to download from multiple ads.

  • Click on the campaign that you’d like to download the forms from

FB Camaign









  • Go to adset level (select all adsets if you’d to download all forms), then go to the Ad levels. You can choose to download the forms from each ad

Facebook Adsets

  • Click download (On-Facebook Lead)

FB Ads


2.Download from Publishing tools

Pro – can download all forms at once

  • Go to your Facebook page that you manage >> Click Publishing Tools

FB - Publishing Tools

  • Click Forms Library

Forms Library

  • You will see the name of the form and click download (make sure to download with 90 days or else they will expire).

Download Form


Facebook lead forms are a great way to generate qualified leads with a lower CPA (comparing to other types of campaigns), particularly from mobile users who often lose interest in promotions when they have to be redirected to other platforms to complete online forms. The forms are easy to set up and highly customisable.

The automated way in which Facebook lead forms are pre-populated and presented within the platform helps to encourage online users to complete the signup process. It ensures a more satisfying and streamlined user experience, with easy data collection that can be synced to your CRM. The quality of lead generation is also enhanced by the ability to generate highly targeted lookalike audiences for different levels of interactions.

The initial campaign set up is a crucial step in a successful campaign. This can help reduce the number of poor-quality leads that are generated from the highly simple signup process. Even after you have generated leads, it is also crucial to work on nurturing them to conversion. Investment in CRM and marketing automation can help with this

Whether you run a B2B or B2C enterprise, business growth is only achieved when you can keep adding quality leads that your sales team can nurture and convert. Facebook lead forms provide a simple and effective means by which to reach out to target audiences that use this platform and channel them into sales pipelines.

If you’re looking for help with Facebook Lead Forms, or lead generation in general, get in touch with one of the team at Phoenix Media today, who will be happy to assist you.

  • Published on : Tuesday September 20, 2022

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