We’re constantly searching for innovative ways to advertise to the target markets of our clients. Microsoft Ads or Bing Ads, the advertising network for Microsoft’s Bing search engine, is one platform that isn’t given much attention in Thailand. In this post, we will discuss what Bing Ads are, how they differ from Google Ads, and whether or not they should be used in Thailand, based on our own experience of using both platforms.

What are Bing Ads and how do they compare to Google Ads?

Bing Ads is a Microsoft service that allows businesses to place their adverts on various web domains that Microsoft supports in addition to the search results on Bing, such as MSN, Outlook.com, Skype and Yahoo. Bing Ads works like Google Ads in that it is a pay-per-click (PPC) service model that charges the advertiser for each click on an ad.

Bing Ads dashboard

Bing Ads are also similar to Google Ads in many ways. For example, the service offers all the usual targeting options, including time of day, device, and demographics. Advertisers may also use the negative keywords option to prevent a certain phrase from triggering their ad. Also if you would like to target a specific search term, there is a way to add exact match phrases. Phone numbers, location, and other links to specific website pages on the site may also be included with ad extensions.

Bing Ads vs. Google Ads: Audience Comparison

When it comes to search engine advertising, Google Ads is the market leader, even though Bing Ads has gained a little ground over the past five years based on this broad global data:

Search engine market share
Source: Statista

If we dig deeper, the global growth for Bing has been on desktop devices with around 10% of the desktop search engine market share in February 2024.

However, this goes down to 6.5% of desktop global market share across Asia (February 2024):


And to bring the focus on Thailand, Google has a virtual monopoly on search:

Despite the disparity in market size, businesses might still want to consider using Bing Ads alongside Google Ads.

For some markets, you may find that Bing Ads have less competition than on Google Ads; you should test this for your particular target audience. This means that advertisers may be able to get more clicks and conversions for a lower cost per click (CPC) on Bing Ads. Additionally, a lot of people using Bing do not know they are using Bing as it’s the default search engine for many Android services.

Importing to Bing Ads from Google Ads

Bing Ads has a feature to sync some or all of your Google Ad campaign setup, which takes away the time needed to set up new campaigns. Just be careful to switch this feature off, should you test out the Microsoft Ads platform and decide that it’s not for you, or it doesn’t match a particular campaign, as if you don’t it will continue to sync possibly without you realizing, which may impact your ad spend.

Importing from Google Ads

Bringing your Google Ads campaigns into your Microsoft Advertising account is fairly straightforward, you can follow these steps:

  1. In Bing Ads, go to the top menu and click on “Import,” then select “Import from Google Ads.”
  2. Sign in to your Google account and follow the prompts to grant Microsoft Advertising permission to import your campaigns.
  3. Under “Choose accounts,” select the Google Ads account you want to import from and click “Next.”
  4. Opt for “Advanced import” if you want to customize the import process. Here, you can adjust bids, bid strategies, budgets, associate UET tags, and more. Or if you’re okay with the default settings, simply enter the import name, set the schedule, and click “Start import” to finalize the setup.


Should Bing Ads be used in Thailand?

So, should businesses in Thailand consider using Bing Ads? Google Ads is probably a better choice if the majority of your target audience searches Google for goods or services similar to yours.

Bing Ads, however, could be something to consider adding to your advertising channels if your target keywords are very broad to account for the lack of searches, or if you are targeting audiences outside of Thailand.

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  • Published on : Tuesday March 12, 2024

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