During these unprecedented times, many businesses are facing financial difficulties and putting their marketing budgets and efforts on hold. However, for some, the rise in internet use and shopping from home has seen an increase in revenue and ad performance.

One such client, High Shopping, better known for their TV Shopping channel in Thailand and Korea, has continued to see great results through online advertising and an increase in revenue through website sales.

Using tools such as Blue Winston, we ran multiple campaigns including Google Shopping Ads.

By customising the website XML feed, and using (ROI) value-based bidding we were able to optimize the campaign to maximize the sales revenue and generate over 1000% roi.

High Shopping Performance

*Along with an increase in conversion value, we also saw a high number of new customer registrations.

Google Shopping Ad Result

*Example of Google Shopping (Product Listing) Ads.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Ads is a relatively new (to Thailand) way to advertise through Google. To run Shopping Ads your site must be eCommerce (display pricing and be able to checkout online) and you must be able to deliver nationwide.

If you have an eCommerce store, then you’ll need to also set up a Google Merchant Centre account, and complete all the relevant business information.

This is also where you upload your websites product feed, which is a file containing information about your products, including, Brand, Product Name, Descriptions, GTIN number, Image Link, Website page link etc. A well-optimized product feed is the secret behind a successful Google Shopping campaign, we discuss this in more detail here.

Google Shopping Ads are similar to Search Ads or ‘Adwords’ in the way that they show when a user performs a search on Google.

Shopping Ads 2

*Here the search term is relatively broad ‘Spin mop’. You can see the Shopping or otherwise known as Product Listing Ads show at the very top of the page, in this case above Video results and the organic search results.

However unlike Search Ads, you do not have a list of target keywords, instead, Google will take information from your product feed and match it to the relevant search query.

The Google Shopping Tab

For the avid shoppers, there is now a dedicated Shopping Tab for results, which contains only products from Google Shopping campaigns, as well as providing filters such as pricing, condition, shipping and supplier.

Shopping Tab view

*Example of the Shopping Tab

If you’re in eCommerce, Google Shopping is a must.

Google has made the Shopping / Product Listing ads much more appealing than the standard text ad. It allows an image to be shown, along with the price and description that gives the user a chance to browse more information before they decide to click on a result. This will favour suppliers who are price competitive and work with high-quality images.

Ultimately Google Shopping can be tricky to set up, depending on which platform your website is on and how well maintained your product feed is. If you’re looking for some help, or advice on how to advertise on Google or any other platform, get in touch with a consultant at Phoenix Media today.

  • Published on : Monday May 25, 2020
  • Last updated : Thursday April 7, 2022

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