If you manage a business on Facebook, you may already be aware of how difficult it is to simultaneously manage several accounts, ad campaigns, and pages. Facebook Business Manager can help with this.

You can manage all of your Facebook business assets with this effective solution in one location. The Business Manager automates every step of the process, including developing and managing advertising campaigns and managing several pages.

Additionally, it provides a variety of sophisticated tools like audience targeting and analytics that may assist you in making wise decisions and optimizing your campaigns for better outcomes.

Setting up a Business Manager Account

The first step to more effectively manage your Facebook business page is to create a Business Manager account.

You need to go to the Business Manager website and select the ‘Create Account’ option in order to create an account.

FB Business Manager Log in

You have to provide some basic information about your company, like its name, address, and website URL, after creating an account.

FB Business Manager Registration Details

Adding Your Facebook Business Page to Business Manager

Setting up your account requires you to add your Facebook Business Page to Business Manager. You will then have full access to all of Business Manager’s features and tools for administering your page.

Business Manager Page

You must have admin access to your Facebook Business Page in order to add it to Business Manager. After entering Business Manager, click the Business Settings tab, then pick “Pages” from the left-hand menu.

Next, select “+ Add” and provide the name or website address of your Facebook business page. You’re good to go after following the instructions for verifying page ownership!

Inviting People to Your Facebook Business Manager Account: How to Collaborate Effectively

It’s time to invite individuals to collaborate with you after you’ve set up your Facebook Business Manager account and added your business page.

Add Partners to Business Manager

This is an essential step in efficiently managing your company’s Facebook presence. On the “People” option in the left-hand menu, choose the person you want to invite, and then select “Add.”

After that, you may assign responsibilities to the individuals you want to invite based on the level of access you want them to have by entering their email addresses.

Business Manager Access Levels

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Account and Payment Method in Business Manager

Setting up your Facebook Ads account and payment method comes next once you have connected your Facebook business page to your Business Manager account.

Choose Business assets from the Business Manager menu. Once there, select “Add assets” by clicking the blue icon in the top right corner.

Business Manager Payment Methods

Then proceed to the next step and click “Advertising” and proceed with the setup instructions.

Business Manager Payment Settings

Once your ad account has been created, you may add a payment method by selecting “Add Payment Method” under the “Payment Settings” page. 

Best Practices for Using Facebook Business Manager: Dos and Don’ts to Remember

To get the most out of your account, there are a few things you should remember.

To start, make sure that everyone on your team has the appropriate amount of access to your account to prevent any oversights.

Also in line with avoiding any confusion, it’s crucial to name your account’s assets and components in a way that makes sense to everyone on your team.

Another important practice is to regularly review your ad accounts and remove any outdated or inactive ones to keep your account organized.

To steer clear of any problems with your ad campaigns, always adhere to Facebook’s ad regulations.

You can take advantage of Facebook Business Manager to grow your business effectively if you bear these best practices in mind.

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  • Published on : Monday April 17, 2023

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