Our Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools for 2020

As digital marketers, we must utilise the latest tools available to stay one step ahead of our rivals. Competition in Bangkok is growing all the time, and the marketing of products and services is continually evolving with new and innovative methods being developed.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Bangkok, at Phoenix Media, we stay ahead of the competition because we keep abreast what is out there and we use it to the benefit of our clients. While there are many different tools available, most of which are excellent in their own right, we believe that there are five which every business needs. In this article, we will briefly explore these five tools.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive toolkit that means marketers have more information than ever before about their backlinks as well as offering detailed SEO analysis. It provides accurate and up to date data on backlinks with the company continuously improving their algorithms to obtain superior information. Ahrefs stay well versed in the latest trends in SEM and SEO and ensure that their toolkit satisfies the needs of users.

Ahrefs gives great overviews of domain performance and activity

Amongst their tools, they have:

  • Content explorer
  • Keyword explorer
  • Rank tracker
  • Site audit
  • Alerts if backlinks are lost, or new ones become available

For those companies who perhaps have a limited budget, this is one of the tools that is vital as it can replace several standalone products. The new ideas for link building as well as content analysis, social stats and rankings are fantastic along with excellent reports that include graphs and visual representations. Ahrefs will undoubtedly help you to get more out of your marketing budget and help maximise your website’s potential.

  1. Keyword Planner (Google Ads)

Keywords, both long-tail and short-tail, are fundamental to any website’s success. The keywords should be commonly searched words or phrases. If you aren’t using the right keywords for your product or service, you are potentially missing out on a significant amount of traffic. A quality keyword planner will give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision about the keywords you should be using.

A keyword planner such as Google Ads Keyword Planner will also give data on effective keywords that you could incorporate in your Pay per Click (PPC) campaign. It will make your ads more efficient, limiting the number of wasted clicks by using advanced targeting to reach out to those potential customers who are genuinely interested in your product or service. It is unquestionably a valuable tool for any PPC campaign as well as for organic SEO. It is used by all the leading SEO and digital companies around the world.

  1. Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Analytics is a tool that most marketers will be familiar with and is essential for monitoring the results of your SEO. The Search Console within Analytics provides comprehensive reports regarding the performance of your organic search traffic. The information can be used to create relevant content, build effective backlinks and in combination with a keyword planner, allow you to target specific markets.

Analytics allows you to compare data month by month and year by year.

Google Analytics allows you to optimise your website in a manner that achieves the best results for you and gives you a vehicle to target the most profitable traffic. The data can also be used to for an accurate analysis of your PPC campaigns, thus allowing you to make the necessary tweaks and changes. Continued monitoring of results and accurate information is essential when it comes to the success of the website, and this is essentially what Google Analytics does. It can be quite tricky to understand at first, but our team can offer you any assistance that you might need.

  1. Zapier

Automation has become an integral part of digital marketing in the modern era. With a vast array of tools available, knowing which one you should opt for can be challenging, but our favourite is Zapier. It is incredibly useful for connecting popular tools such as Facebook Ads and Gmail. Zapier is used to automate what would otherwise be repetitive tasks and eliminates the need for coding or waiting for web developers to build the required integration. It is easy to use, and most workflows can be completed in a few clicks.

Zapier automation
An example of how Zapier can fwd Lead Forms straight to your email

Zapier gives an example of how the tool can be used in practice, suggesting that you could automatically get email attachments saved to Dropbox rather than performing the task manually. It might seem unnecessary, but if you receive lots of attachments and spend time downloading them, having the process automated allows you to make more efficient use of your time. Although Zapier may only save you a few minutes on each task, this can soon mount up, allowing you to drive your business forward.

  1. Audience Insights (Business Manager)

It makes sense that the more you know about your customers and audience, the better equipped you are to deliver a message that reaches out to them. Audience Insights is most commonly associated with Facebook Marketing, although similar tools are available on other apps. It is designed for your business pages and provides the marketer with a wealth of information about their target audience. It can include demographics, buying behaviour as well as other incredibly useful information.

audience insights
Audience insights allows you to plan audiences for future campaigns.

It allows you to target your desired audience. For example, if you owned a boutique shoe shop in Bangkok, and your sales are predominantly made in-store, you would only be interested in reaching out to people within a specified radius of your base. You may also only be interested in certain age groups and those who have purchase similar items in the say, the last 12 months. All of this information is available with Audience Insights, so, therefore, you can manage your budget more effectively.

More information

Choosing the right marketing tools for your business is vital when it comes to fulfilling the potential of your website. If you would like more information regarding the tools you need or help with your marketing campaign, contact us on 02 038 5400.




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