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The most efficient and fun way to help employees
learn new languages

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    41 languages
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    learn different languages simultaneously from your native language
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    over 1300 language courses
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    gamified learning experience
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    beginner, intermediate or advanced proficiency levels
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    world class speech recognition technology
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    easy-to-use customizable dashboard
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    synchronized between devices - iOS, Android and Web
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    track employee usage and progress

The language learning solution for businesses with

Mondly by Pearson offers over 1300 language courses, allowing employees to learn any of 41 languages from the language of their choice. This is not available with any other language learning provider.

The complete list of languages available in Mondly by Pearson

  1. French
  2. English
  3. American English
  4. Spanish
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Russian
  8. Japanese
  9. Korean
  10. Chinese
  11. Turkish
  12. Arabic
  13. Persian
  14. Hebrew
  15. Portuguese
  16. Dutch
  17. Swedish
  18. Norwegian
  19. Danish
  20. Finnish
  21. Greek
  22. Romanian
  23. Afrikaans
  24. Croatian
  25. Polish
  26. Bulgarian
  27. Czech
  28. Hungarian
  29. Ukrainian
  30. Vietnamese
  31. Hindi
  32. Indonesian
  33. Thai
  34. Bengali
  35. Catalan
  36. Latin
  37. Latvian
  38. Lithuanian
  39. Slovak
  40. Tagalog
  41. Urdu

Tangible BENEFITS for your company

Increase customer satisfaction

Making an effort to communicate in someone’s native language is not only sign of respect, it’s good business. It decreases communication errors, and improves efficiency. Speaking your customer's language pays off.

Attract and retain top talentollaboration

Professional development that includes a language learning system is one of the top contributing factors for employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost productivity and internal collaboration

As your business expands internationally, good communication between multilingual employees becomes crucial to continued growth. This impacts critical areas like safety and productivity.

The science behind Mondly by Pearson

Using gamification technologies and advanced language learning strategies, Mondly by Pearson helps employees learn languages quickly and effectively.

Focus on phrases, not individual words

By focusing on common phrases, employees start memorizing the most common words, form sentences, and take part in conversations in minutes, not hours.

Listen to fluent speakers

Mondly by Pearson works with professional fluent speakers, and your employees will enjoy flawless pronunciations and natural accents.

Practice real conversations

Mondly by Pearson is the closest thing to actual immersion and gets your employees talking faster than anyone else.

Lock-in knowledge using a unique repetition system

Mondly by Pearson uses tested and effective intervals for repetition to help employees quickly and permanently learn foreign languages

Mondly by Pearson through the eyes of the experts

  • Best Online Language Learning Portal
  • Cool Vendor in Mobile Applications and Bots
  • Winner in Technology and Innovation
  • App of the Year