You may have heard of Meta Verified, Meta’s new subscription-based verification service, especially if you’re a frequent user of social media. If you’re interested in the feature, this post will walk you through its ins and outs, including how it functions, who may apply, and the advantages it gives. Meta Verified will be rolled out globally to most areas over the upcoming months.

What is Meta (Facebook) Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription bundle designed for creators on Instagram and Facebook. It provides a range of features, including account Meta verification (with the coveted blue check badge), protection against impersonation, exclusive stickers, expanded reach, and access to human support agents. All these perks come at a monthly cost.

Who can get Meta Verified?

Currently, Meta Verified is only available to individuals, not brands. It aims to offer an opportunity for anyone to gain access to the blue check badge that was previously reserved for public figures, celebrities, and notable brands. However, if you already have the original style of Meta verification as a notable profile, you can still apply for Meta Verified to enjoy the additional benefits included in the subscription.

The benefits of getting Meta Verified

In our experience, Meta Verified offers the following key benefits:

  1. Verified badge: Upon successful verification, you’ll receive the coveted blue check badge that indicates your account has gone through the verification process. This badge is identical to the one given to notable accounts.
  2. Protection from impersonation: Meta Verified provides proactive account monitoring to safeguard you from impersonators who might target individuals with growing online audiences. While the exact workings of this feature aren’t disclosed, we can assume that Meta will utilize their advanced AI resources to identify and prevent impersonation attempts.
  3. Access to support agents: One of the standout features of Meta Verified is the access to real human support agents. These agents offer live chat support and can assist you with most common issues. This level of support can be a game-changer for creators who often face challenges and need quick resolutions.
  4. Stickers and stars: Meta Verified subscribers gain access to exclusive Stories stickers on Facebook and Instagram, as well as exclusive Reels stickers on Facebook. Additionally, Facebook provides 100 stars each month to support other creators. For every star you send to another creator, Facebook pays them $0.01USD.
  5. Increased reach: While the specifics are yet to be revealed, Meta promises increased “visibility and prominence” in Facebook and Instagram comments, search results, recommendations, and suggested accounts. This expanded reach can make a significant difference, especially for individuals with smaller audiences, amplifying their content to a wider user base. However, it’s important to note that your content still needs to adhere to the recommendation guidelines, and understanding the Facebook and Instagram algorithms can help maximize your reach.


How to get Meta Verified

If you’re eager to join the ranks of the Meta Verified, follow these simple steps to apply for verification:

  1. Apply through the Instagram or Facebook app ($14.99/month): Open either the Instagram or Facebook app and navigate to your profile settings. From there, go to the Accounts Center and select Meta Verified. If your account is eligible, you’ll see the option to proceed. Review the benefits, set up or confirm your payment method, and complete the verification process by uploading a photo of your government-issued ID. Ensure that your ID matches your profile name and photo.
  2. Apply through the Facebook web interface ($11.99/month): If you prefer using the Facebook web interface, visit the profile you want to verify and click the three dots icon on the top menu. From the dropdown menu, select “Subscribe to Meta Verified.” The verification process may take up to 48 hours.

Meta Verified may not be available in your region just yet. If you reside in a location where it’s not been launched, you can join the waitlist and be notified when the service becomes available in your country. 

Meta Verified FAQs

  1. What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription verification program for Instagram and Facebook that offers account verification, protection against impersonation, customer support, and other benefits.

  1. Can anyone be Meta Verified?

For now, Meta Verified is only available to individuals aged 18 or older in countries where it has been launched (which is continually evolving). Your profile must represent a real individual, not a company or brand, and must adhere to the platform’s terms of use and community guidelines.

  1. How do you get Meta Verified on Facebook?

To apply for Meta Verified on Facebook, visit the profile you want to verify, click the three dots icon in the top menu, and select “Subscribe to Meta Verified.”

Meta Verified introduces a new way for individuals to gain access to the coveted blue check badge on Instagram and Facebook. By subscribing to this verification bundle, you not only receive the verification badge but also benefit from enhanced account protection, human support agents, exclusive stickers, increased reach, and more. While Meta Verified is currently available in some regions, the plan is to roll it out globally in the coming months.

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  • Published on : Wednesday July 12, 2023

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