Deciding what career to pursue is a serious consideration for many. It influences what academic path they may follow along with achieving the relevant training and qualifications. Digital marketing has been growing as an industry for many years. However, there are still many that have doubts about pursuing it for various reasons. They worry if there are adequate work opportunities for the many entrants joining the market, whether the earnings are sustainable, and even the potential for career growth.

In short, Yes, digital marketing is a good career choice not just for those looking to take up training or join the job market in 2022, but also beyond. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider it a good choice of career whether you are looking to join as a first-job or are considering a career change.

Diverse Work Opportunities

When some people hear the words digital marketing, they envision a highly technical career that involves a lot of technical development. Whilst development is certainly a part of the industry, there are many diverse work opportunities and career paths to consider. Content creation, programming, design, sales, analysis, affiliate marketing, and account management are just a few of the many niches one can find career opportunities in. The skills levels required can vary greatly, hence even novices in the industry can still find meaningful occupations.

Not to mention that you can easily opt to operate as a freelancer, consultant, contract, or permanent employee. There is much freedom that allows you to choose between running your own business or working for others. You can also choose to work with a team or independently. There are few limits to what career choices you can make and how you go about making a living.

Work Flexibility

Because many roles in a digital marketing agency allow professionals to work independently, many can comfortably work from home. All you need is a suitable work setup and good internet connectivity so you can capably communicate with co-workers and clients, as well as log in and work on the various Ad platforms. It is a big help as it allows workers to avoid wasting time and money commuting. Businesses also do not need to spend as much on setting up workstations or renting large office space.

At Phoenix Media we have a flexible approach for staff who wish to WFH.

Many digital marketers that work for companies are also able to work remotely. Since the nature of work is digital, all that is required is for them to deliver on projects as per the deadlines set. Even where they work on an hourly basis rather than per project, there is the technology that allows for their computer activity to be remotely monitored. Chances are that even beyond the pandemic, many companies will opt to retain work-from-home arrangements for employees in this sector. Not only is it more affordable for businesses, but it has also been found to positively impact productivity.

Growing Demand

The demand for digital services is growing exponentially. More and more businesses are realising that their success depends on being able to provide access to their products and services through the internet. The platforms they create provide the best means to find and connect with new clients and better retain the old.

The internet has also made it easier and more affordable for businesses to market their brands across various markets in a way that is impossible through traditional marketing methodologies. The pandemic caused most brick and mortar businesses to suffer, with mainly those with a strong online presence better able to communicate with clients and maintain their patronage. While it is expected that people will return to in-person shopping, there is also increased likelihood that having a good online presence is vital for a future survival.  

Ease of Gaining Qualifications

Many of the top digital marketers are self-taught. By using online resources and learning on the job, to understand how to work constructively for clients in achieving their digital marketing goals. Even for those that felt the need to acquire suitable academic qualifications, there has been steady growth in online educational platforms and reputable institutions of higher learning offering courses that meet industry standards.

Agency certifications are made up from the individual certifications associated with that agency.

These courses are accessible online, allowing the students to earn varied qualifications in the digital marketing sector from home. Some while even working full-time and studying part-time. With so many people having been trapped at home during the pandemic, it has provided a good opportunity to pursue such qualifications in anticipation of later finding employment in the field.

Evolving Marketplace

The digital marketing sector is constantly evolving. New niches are ever emerging and old ones expanding or altering. It is an exciting and challenging field to join that provides much motivation to keep up with trends and find new solutions and strategies to meet client demands.

This is why the field also tends to attract people looking for a second career that will prove more stimulating than what they did before. The variety of work opportunities and potential to find themselves on the cutting edge for the latest trend or technology means that this sector will make for an interesting change of pace. If you love to be challenged, then consider finding a career opportunity in digital marketing.

The Future Is Digital

Traditional marketing continues to thrive in most markets, however, digital marketing is certainly taken over as most businesses focal point. Businesses today have come to realise that embracing digital marketing is a must if they want to remain competitive. The affordability and measurability that digital marketing provides means that even small and medium-sized businesses are now more capable of challenging bigger corporations.

The unparalleled level of data that is accessible means the marketers can formulate more targeted marketing strategies that will provide businesses with higher ROI. These strategies have also been very helpful in proving to higher-ups that the marketing engine is what will drive and expand their business growth.

With many markets facing a drastic shortfall in digital marketing professionals, now is very much the time for young people looking to choose a career path and those looking for a second career to consider joining this field.

At Phoenix Media we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are eager to learn more about digital marketing, if you are interested in apply for a job, fill in the form here.

  • Published on : Thursday March 31, 2022
  • Last updated : Wednesday June 22, 2022

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