What are Facebook notifications, and why do you receive them?

Facebook notifications are alerts that keep you informed about various activities such as likes, comments, shares, friend requests, and more related to your Facebook account, including the pages you follow and manage.

These notifications can help you stay updated with content and events you’re interested in, from your favourite pages. However, if you find them overwhelming or distracting, especially when following numerous pages, it’s good to know how to manage and turn them off for a more focused Facebook experience.

Here we’ll guide you through the steps in turning off page notifications on Facebook for both Desktop and Mobile in 2023.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on desktop

1. Go to Notification on the top right corner

FB notifications


2. Notification Settings


3. Pages you manage > Click on the pages that you’d like to turn off the notifications

4. Turn the blue tab off

5. Click ‘confirm’ and you’re all set!

How to turn off Facebook notifications on desktop

1. Go to Menu on the bottom right > Click Notifications

2. Scroll down Notification Settings until you see ‘Pages You Manage’

3. Select the page that you’d like to turn on/off the notifications > Turn off the blue tab


4. Click ‘Turn Off’ and you’re all set!

Hopefully you found this guide useful, if you are still having issues with notifications, or have any questions about Facebook advertising or digital marketing in general, feel free to get in touch with one of the team at Phoenix Media today.

  • Published on : Thursday October 12, 2023

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