Keeping up with regular content updates on your business’s Facebook Page might sometimes feel like a daunting task. But scheduling Facebook posts in advance can certainly help with this.

In this article, we will walk you through the key strategies and methods of scheduling your posts effectively, allowing you to save time, retain consistency, and amplify your brand’s visibility.

Why Schedule Posts on Facebook?

Scheduling posts on Facebook isn’t just about convenience; it’s about optimizing your reach and engagement.

Benefits include:

– Maintaining a regular posting schedule

– Keeping your content on-brand

– Building a stronger connection with your audience

– Saving time on individual post creation

– Enhancing social media engagement

– Staying true to your posting strategy

Scheduling Posts with Facebook Business Suite

Setting up your posts directly through Facebook Business Suite provides a user-friendly and integrated way to schedule content.

Steps to schedule posts via Facebook Business Suite:

  1. Create your post: Open your Facebook Page and navigate to Business Suite. Click on ‘Create Post’ and craft your content.

Create post on Facebook

2. Preview and Optimize: Select placements and preview how your post will appear on desktop and mobile. Ensure everything looks perfect.

3. Choose Date and Time: Rather than hitting publish immediately, select the day and time you wish your post to go live.Scheduling Options

4. Schedule: Click on the ‘Schedule Post’ button. Your post is now queued up for the designated time.

Leveraging Third-Party Schedulers

You might consider utilizing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, as they also offer more advanced features, like bulk scheduling across multiple platforms. You can also match your content to the audience behavior on each platform, as they allow you to customize posts for specific platforms.


Editing and Managing Scheduled Posts

Even the best-laid plans might need adjustments. Knowing how to edit, delete, or reschedule your posts in the queue is crucial for maintaining flexibility.

Steps to manage scheduled posts:

  1. Access the Queue: Head to ‘Scheduled Posts’ in Business Suite to view all your scheduled content.

schedule posts in business suite


2. Edit or Modify: Click on the post you wish to tweak, explore options to edit, duplicate, reschedule, or delete.

Edit schedule post

3. Save or Reschedule: After making changes, hit ‘Save’. You can choose to publish immediately or reschedule as needed.

By mastering these scheduling methods, you’ll be reclaiming your time and ensuring your business maintains a consistent and engaging presence on Facebook.

If you are looking for some help or advice on Facebook page best practices or social media in general, contact Phoenix Media today for a free consultation.

  • Published on : Tuesday November 28, 2023

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