Understanding Google Ads Billing

Google Ads billing is flexible, allowing you to tailor your advertising planning to align with your budget and business goals. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects:

Payment Settings and Methods:

When getting going with Google Ads, setting up your payment information is paramount. There are two elements to consider: payment settings and payment methods.

payment methods

Payment Settings: Choose between automatic payments or monthly invoicing. Automatic payments entail charges after your ads run, triggered either 30 days after your last automatic charge or upon reaching a preset payment threshold. Monthly invoicing, on the other hand, offers a credit line for eligible businesses, with payments settled via cheque or bank transfer within agreed-upon timeframes.

Payment Method: You can add a credit or debit card as your payment method to settle your bills. Changing is straightforward; just head to your Google Ads account, click on Billing & Payments under Tools, and update your information.

Promotional Codes:

Google sometimes offers promotional codes or vouchers. These can be added to your account to unlock credits or other enticing rewards. Redeeming these codes is a simple process through the Billing & Payments menu.

Payment Threshold:

This is the number that triggers charges when reached. As your costs accrue, the threshold ensures timely billing, starting at a predefined amount and automatically adjusting based on your spending patterns.

Google Ads Thresholds

At Phoenix Media, we give the client the option if they would like to pay Google directly, for new accounts, the payment thresholds will start small (500 thb), and then increase over time.

Refunds and Google Partners:

Getting a refund from Google Ads is possible by canceling your account with the remaining credit. Google Partners, designed for advertising agencies and professionals, adds an extra layer of support. However, refunds are not possible if you have leftover promotional code credits, maintain an active account, or carry an outstanding balance.

Meta (Facebook) Ads Billing

Ad Budget and Amount Spent: 

Understanding the difference between your set budget and the actual expenditure is crucial. Your budget dictates your willingness to spend, while the amount spent reflects the real costs incurred, possibly deviating from the initial budget.

Daily and Lifetime Budgets:

Facebook Ads allow you to set daily budgets for consistent spending or lifetime budgets for the entire duration of your ad campaign. This allows you to tailor your spending strategy based on your advertising goals.

Example of a daily budget

Charging Mechanism:

Facebook Ads pricing hinges on an auction system, where ads compete based on bid and performance. Charges occur based on the number of impressions (times the ad is shown, CPM), ensuring you only pay for tangible engagement.

Payment Settings:

Once you have added your preferred payment method, Meta Ads presents two primary payment settings—automatic billing and prepaid funds. The former automatically charge you upon reaching a payment threshold, while the latter involves adding funds to your account first, deducted daily as you run ads.

Facebook Payment Threshold
An example of how a new Facebook ad account would charge

Ad Charges and Viewing Bills:

Meta Ads Manager provides a window into your spending with an estimated daily limit. The Billing section unveils the final charges, breaking down costs for each specific ad. Rest assured, Meta stays within the confines of your set budget for each ad.

If you have any further questions about Google or Facebook Ads and how to make informed decisions that align with your business objectives, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Phoenix Media.

  • Published on : Monday December 18, 2023

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