Google’s Local Inventory Ads have arrived in Thailand. Businesses aiming to increase foot traffic and revenue to their physical locations now have another tool in their toolbox with this new advertising option. How, though, may Local Inventory Ads help your business and what precisely are they? Here, we share our experience on Google Ads.

What Is a Google Local Inventory Ad?

The Google Local Inventory Ad is a new kind of advertising in Thailand that shows off your in-store items and business details to local consumers browsing on Google. These ads are not new globally, having been in more established markets such as the US and the UK for around 10 years, which means that they have been thoroughly tested. Potential customers will see an advertisement with information about the availability, price, and location of your store when they search for a product you offer. It’s similar to having a virtual showroom that engages clients just when they’re prepared to make a purchase.


Google Local Inventory Ads
Local Inventory Ads combine Product Listing Ads with Location Map listings

Local Inventory Ads allow you to:

  • Promote click-and-collect alternatives for a smooth purchasing experience
  • Increase foot traffic by displaying what you have in stock nearby
  • Track ad performance with a focus on views, clicks, and store visits.

Bringing your physical business online and interacting with local customers are made possible with Local Inventory Ads. If your ad qualifies, a click on it will take someone to a Google-hosted local storefront page or your own website. The hours of operation, directions, and present inventory levels are shared with your customers, giving them what they need for a seamless experience.

What You Can Do With Google Local Inventory Ads?

What then can these handy ads achieve for your company? Here are some of the options to consider:

Promote In-Store Inventory: When customers are browsing for items on Google, you can notify them that your store has them using Local Inventory Ads. This reduces those missed opportunities.

Bring Your Physical Store Online: Before they buy anything, over 80% of consumers do their research online. Local Inventory Ads essentially turn your real business into a powerful online storefront that makes it simple for customers to see your inventory, hours, and location information.

Monitor Your Progress: Through metrics like ad views, clicks, and shop visits which make it simple to track how your advertising is doing in-store. This helpful data will assist you with campaign optimization to improve the outcome of your campaigns.

Why Use Google Local Inventory Ads?

We have already touched on some of the use cases. Let’s summarize three of the main advantages that make Local Inventory Ads as an essential tool for any company that has a physical location:

Increase Brand Awareness: You stand to reach more possible buyers and raise the exposure of your brand by placing your items at the top of Google’s search results.

Drive Sales: Your company’s sales and income have a greater chance of increasing as a consequence of increased brand recognition and focused local promotion.

Increase Foot Traffic: Local Inventory Ads make it simple for customers to locate and come into your actual store by prominently displaying the address and hours of operation of your business.


How To Set Up Local Inventory Ads?

Once you are ready to launch Local Inventory Ads, the setup method is briefly summarized here:

  1. Activate your Google Merchant Center and Google Business Profile.
  2. Register for and connect your Google Ads account to your Merchant Center.
  3. Turn on local inventory ads in your Merchant Center account.
  4. Upload data about your local store supply, product inventory, and company information.
  5. Choose which landing page experience—your website or Google-hosted—you like.
  6. Ask Google to verify your stock.
  7. Turn On Local Products in Your Shopping Ads.

We understand there are quite a few steps involved and it can get complicated. No worries, our experienced staff at Phoenix Media can walk you through every step and guarantee a seamless setup for your Local Inventory Ad campaigns.

What Is the Difference Between Product Listing Ads and Local Inventory Ads?

If you’re already aware of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) via Google Shopping Campaigns, you may be wondering how Local Inventory Ads work. Your choice of inventory makes a big difference here:

Customers will be able to view your online inventory using Product Listing Ads, which when clicked take them to your e-commerce website.

Conversely, local inventory ads promote your merchandise that is in-store and, when clicked, take viewers to the closest actual shop.

Depending on their distance to your stores and their search intent, you may display customers a PLA, a Local Inventory Ad, or a Multichannel PLA if you sell both online and in-store.

Shopping and Local Inventory Ads

Local Inventory Ads Example

When consumers look for items on Google, local inventory ads show up in the search results. Your advertisement will appear, for instance, if people look up terms like “cordless drill nearby” or “cordless drill near me”.

Local Inventory ads provide the ‘In Store’ option.

After clicking on your ad, they will come to your local storefront. If your website satisfies certain criteria, the local shop storefront can be your landing page or a Google-hosted page for your business.

Users looking at your local shopfront can see:

  • Whether your product is currently in stock
  • The address of your local shop
  • Your opening hours
  • Your phone number
  • Your website

Moreover, if potential customers land on your product page on your website, they can make a purchase immediately.

Local Inventory Ads provide consumers all the information they need—product characteristics, pricing, availability, store address, and more—to make an educated choice and visit your store.

Join Phoenix Media as a Google Ad Support Partner

Setting up and maximizing new ad types like Local Inventory Ads can be tough to navigate and time-consuming. Google Ads is a key area expertise of our Phoenix Media team, so don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

We can help you make the best use of Local Inventory Ads and increase foot traffic and sales to your physical locations through our years of expertise in digital advertising and a broad understanding of Google’s advertising solutions.

We will take care of every stage of the process—from initial setup and campaign planning to continuous tuning and performance monitoring. Contact us now to find out more about our Google Ad services and how we can help your business expand so you don’t miss opportunities to engage with local customers and increase your in-store sales.

  • Published on : Monday May 13, 2024

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