If you are currently running a search campaign with Google, provided you have properly targeted your ads to relevant keywords and have written half decent Ad Copy, you are most likely seeing some level of results. However, for those in the retail industry and others that rely on product sales through their website you may want to consider a different approach to search marketing. Dynamic Search Ad’s have been available on Google since 2011, however many advertisers seem to be unaware of the feature and its benefits.

Rather than traditional Keyword-based search ads, dynamic search ads uses the content of your website in order to generate Keywords and Ad Text to match that users search query. In this article, we will be breaking down how they work and what they can do for your business in a little more detail.

How do Dynamic Search Ads work?

Dynamic Ads use the content from your webpage or product feed, so the first step is telling Google which parts, if not all of your website or feed you want it to advertise.

dynamic search ads

Google will crawl through the content of each page and find suitable product or service keywords that match with user Search Queries. It will also create a dynamic text ad using the same content in order to create the most relevant ad for the user’s search.

Why use Dynamic Search Ads?

DSA’s allow you to target keywords that would otherwise be overlooked as Google determines them to be such a low search volume. It removes the process of ad creation and ensures your ads are tailored to the products and the search query. This, in turn, should help you get more conversions from relevant searches and the user gets a better search experience by finding the most relevant product for them easily.

They also help take a load off your shoulders when it comes to campaign setup. Rather than spending endless amounts of time writing new ads, tweaking old ones and reorganizing your ad-groups in the hopes of boosting conversions. Now your products ad headline will always have the most appropriate information regarding your products on display, straight from your website. This comes in handy when you have a lot of different products all from the same or a similar category.

It’s not all plain sailing.

However, as with any marketing strategy, DSA’s do have their fair share of downsides, namely that you aren’t actually in direct control of what kinds of queries and keywords will trigger your ads. So it’s important that you keep a sharp eye on your search terms to ensure you are moving in the right areas.

Ultimately, you need to consider who and what your business is, how you sell your products and try to visualize every area where Google could potentially get it wrong to try and preemptively deal with these issues before they arise. Saving you valuable time, money and conversions. Which leads to our next con of DSA’s which is that you could find your campaign wasting money on low volume search terms that are very unlikely to convert. While in some cases it can be great for those low-search-volume, high-conversion rate keywords, you need to make sure that your campaign isn’t haemorrhaging money trying to focus too much on ‘non-buying’ terms.

The other potential pitfall of DSA marketing is that dynamically generated headlines can sometimes go wrong and display an inappropriate headline for that particular product. If you are the kind of business owner that needs full control of what your customer sees then DSA’s might not be the route for you.


Dynamic Search Ad’s as a whole are a great way for large scale, product-based businesses to target large volumes of different keywords with a dynamically generated, relevant ad headlines in order to promote the highest conversion rate. By exploiting the pre-existing content of your website to build the most appealing ad to the individual user, retail sites can see a marked improvement of their campaigns reach and overall performance.

Phoenix Media can help you to build a Dynamic Search campaign that can help turbo-charge your company’s current search marketing. Our team of qualified and highly skilled marketing professionals will consult with you intensely in order to find out as much as possible about you, your brand, your company, and your products. This will help us to build the best Dynamic Search campaign as possible.

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  • Published on : Sunday May 26, 2019

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