As with many tools in Digital Marketing, Thailand has its limitations. Call tracking software options are unfortunately also limited. In most regions, Google offers its in-house call tracking option, which is relatively easy to set up and works well, the only drawback is the lack of ability to choose a specific number, but as a free tool, we can’t really complain.

*Sample of countries Google call tracking is available, see the full list here.

google call tracking regions

As we can see from the screenshot showing available countries, there’s no spot for Thailand, so what options are available for Call Tracking in Thailand and how well do they work?

Is call tracking really necessary in digital marketing?

The short answer is – it depends on the type of business you are running and the likelihood of a customer wanting to get in touch with you (for a new sale) via a phone call (local).

For example, we work with a few e-commerce businesses in Thailand, where the objective of the Ad campaign is to purchase online (via website or Facebook Shop) or to visit their local store. In these cases, they don’t often list a phone number on the website and your average customer is unlikely to want to call. If anything they’ll send a message through Facebook or Line messenger, which can be tracked using Tag Manager.

For campaigns which offer services such as International Schools, Restaurants, Consulting, etc, I’d say some form of Call Tracking is an essential conversion point that you would want to be tracking.

Issues with Call Tracking Services

One of the issues we face when proposing call tracking to local clients is the issue of data privacy. We use a provider which, along with being able to track the call, has the option to also record – for quality and training purposes.

Clients can be put off by this as most of the time it’s a new service for them, which they see as more risk versus benefit after all the conversion tracking conversation is always led by us, the marketing company.

The other issue is down to cost and commitment. We use a provider, Cloudee, who require a minimum 12-month contract and minimum monthly rental of 5 lines.

As an agency, this isn’t an issue as we can use those lines with any client, but the additional costs per month along with extra commitment can often put the client off as something they don’t see as a necessary part of their campaign/outgoings.

How does it work?

It works very much in the same way as Google’s own in-house call tracking, whereby it’s dynamically changing a number on the website depending on the source of traffic.

For example, we are tracking phone calls which come through an Organic Search query to our website.

So we have installed some code which will change our main phone number, but only if the visitor has come through a Google search and clicked on our Organic listing.

*Original number

call tracking example





*Call Tracking number

call tracking example

When the call tracking number is dialled, its set up to forward to our main line, so from the callers’ point of view they are none the wiser, and we receive the call in the office as per usual.

How to track the calls correctly

The software is also linked with Google Analytics. It’s simply a case of setting up Goals, using the events created by the call tracking.

analytics goals

To go more granular, we create events for both received and missed calls. We also have different lines for different advertising channels, Google Ads, Google Organic (SEO), Facebook Ads, etc.

Once you’ve set up the goals in analytics, simply import them into the Google Ad account with your desired conversion settings.

The platform will also give you a summary of calls generated along with calls missed and the option to download the call.

call tracking summary

I should mention if the visitor comes to the website direct, i.e. they enter directly into their browser, then the phone number on the website will not change, and in turn, won’t be tracked.

If you’re interested in using Call Tracking and Recording for your website and marketing campaign, we use a supplier Sawasdeeshop. As mentioned previously they do require a minimum number 5 lines and 12 month contract period. As an agency and reseller, we can offer single lines and a minimum contract period of 3 months, providing it is part of an Advertising campaign.

If you would like to find out more about call tracking, or digital marketing in general, contact us here.

  • Published on : Friday June 21, 2019

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